Tree is vigorous, with large, purplish-black fruit. A sweeter tart cherry, Jubileum is used for both processing and fresh market. Has a chill hours (CU) requirement of 700–800. 432 Burnt Ridge Road: Onalaska, Washington 98570: Phone: 360.985.2873: Fax: 360.985.0882: Sweet cherry trees are vigorous growers that love a little extra room. By pruning, you can keep your tree to any size. As a testimony to its happiness in our region, a Black Tartarian Cherry tree that was planted in Eugene, Oregon in 1860 is still alive and thriving. Cold hardy zone 6. Black Tartarian Cherry Tree. It is best not to plant a black cherry tree … The Black Pearl cherry is rightfully named, as the fruit produced by this tree is a pure delicacy. Needs pollinator such as Bing, Royal Ann or Stella. Size/Color Quantity Detailed Description: Sweet and tart cherry tree selections in red, black and yellow. It is the earliest tart variety Van Well Nursery® grows, maturing five days before Danube® and a full week ahead of Montmorency. Good pollinizer. Sweet cherry trees (Prunus avium) are some of the most sought-after fruit trees in America due to their delicious, sun-ripened fruit.Picked right off the tree, you can pop a sweet cherry in your mouth and immediately enjoy its full flavor. Rated as one of the most flavorful cherries, Black Tartarian Cherry Tree bears great crops of very dark red, juicy, sweet fruit. It is self-fruitful, dark red to nearly black, firm, medium to large in size with a wonderful spicy flavor ... View full details $39.99 Choose options from $32.99 . For the 2020-21 planting season, Black Tartarian is offered on the following rootstock(s) (listed in order of quantity in production, largest quantity first): Mazzard (standard) Maxma 14® brokforest cv. Harvest early season. 1. Slightly more cold-hardy than Bing. Check out our website to get the latest information and offers on cherry trees and plants. Black Tartarian Cherry Tree (Semi-dwarf) Lovely Flowers Lead to Big Harvests. Black cherry causes significant leaf and fruit litter, which can stain. Home › Black Tartarian Cherry Tree (Semi-dwarf) Item Number: FT085. Semi-sweet, dark red, juicy, very rich flesh. Buy online sweet cherry trees for your garden from Raintree Nursery. Regular price. In fact, Black Pearl cherries are growing in popularity faster than any other sweet cherry in the United States! ... Sweet and tart cherry tree selections in red, black and yellow. The tree is compact and spreading. It is a relatively fast growing plant and can increase in size by more than 2 feet per year. The fruit is dark mahogany, juicy, and can be left to hang on the tree to develop additional sugar. Disease resistant, hardy, and dwarf varieties. Choose a sunny spot in your yard to allow the Black Tartarian to grow to its full size of about 30 feet tall and 15 feet wide. This tree grows well in hardiness zones 3b to 9a. We suggest Black Republican, Sam, Black Tartarian, Schmidt, Cavalier, Stella, Gold, Van, Heidelfingen, Vega, Montmorency, Vista, Ranier and Windsor. Requires cross-pollination with a compatible variety with the same bloom time that is growing within 100' for standard trees (20' for dwarf trees). ... Unpruned, trees on Maxma reach 2/3 the size of standard (about 28'-32'). This cherry is one of the few modern cultivars that people across the United States are enjoying as a … (900 chill hours required). (2/3 of standard size)

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