After a hesitant start, which was due to Korra and Asami's nervousness, the two eventually decided to reveal their new-found relationship. As she left, Asami gave a disappointed sigh. Asami begged Tokuga to stop though realizing the only way to save Keum was to agree working with Tokuga. During dinner, she learned of the Fire Ferrets' financial situation and, as a big pro-bending fan, convinced her father to sponsor the team through Future Industries. Korra tried to break Asami free of the brainwashing, but to no avail. [93] Prior to the airing of the series finale, the two characters had drawn comparisons to Aang and Katara's relationship in Avatar: The Last Airbender. The entire group reunited at a forest away from the temple, where they were informed that Korra had been taken away by Zaheer, who had recently achieved flight. The Legend of Korra: Just How Old Is Avatar's Katara in the Sequel Series? [8], Asami's initial character design, from when she was meant to be an Equalist spy, was changed after co-creators DiMartino and Konietzko rewrote her to be an ally instead. A flustered Korra started to say something, only to abruptly leave, claiming that she wanted to let Asami get back to her work. When Korra apologized for the earlier tension, Asami waved it off, since she deemed it natural that they would need a transition period after being separated for three years. The show’s creators, Michael Dante … Asami joined the team back at Suyin's office as Korra was given an antidote to recover from the paralysis of shirshu-spit darts. Accepting that Kuvira had wronged them all, Korra nevertheless reminded the others that she had once been the captain of Zaofu's security force and an ally against the Red Lotus, and admitted feeling indebted toward her after she saved Tonraq's life. Asami accepted, and the couple headed to bed, but were interrupted by a knock at the door, Suyin entering. Sometime later, Asami watched as Bolin and Korra sparred with Wei and Wing, respectively. As they ventured through the city by train, Asami viewed all the city's sights with awe and listened as Aiwei explained what had happened to Toph. While trying to protect the nonbenders of Dragon Flats borough, Tarrlok arrested her for being a nonbender out after curfew, though she was freed shortly after by Lin Beifong. Additionally, Asami is Team Avatar's de facto machine operator. Emphasizing all the good that Korra had done as the Avatar, Asami managed to convince her that she would always be needed to restore balance in the world. Asami jumped over her attacker while electrifying them. Reference: MT-192. [25] She is also a skilled Pai Sho player, proving herself to be a good methodical strategist[24] and can pick locks with her hair pins, able to free Tenzin through this method in the Northern Air Temple. Jargala offered Asami a protection deal, claiming that Tokuga was planning to seize control of the territory the construction site was on. My problem with Korrasami is that it reverts Korra back to being unlikeable and weird, as well as other issues. Asami hugged Bolin tightly while she was slightly lifted off her feet. At two o'clock, Asami, Korra, and Zhu Li showed up at Raiko's campaign quarters. [46] While Korra is absent, Asami meets with her jailed father, Hiroshi Sato. DiMartino wrote that he loved the final version of her fourth season appearance, finding it to be a "nice balance of formal business attire and fashion forward elegance. 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Asami replied that she was happy to do so to protect her girlfriend from Kuvira, and warned the other woman that she would not drive a wedge between the couple, but Kuvira answered that she was merely admiring the group's camaraderie, which was something she claimed to have never had in her life. They ventured back to the airship where Asami watched as their troublesome relationship was explained. [27] Asami's mother is later revealed to have been murdered during a triad robbery of their mansion when she was six years old. Asami continued her work to redeem Future Industries and by 174 AG, she was thanked by President Raiko during a public opening ceremony for modernizing Republic City's Central City Station. She reported that she was able to land a big contract to help redesign the city's infrastructure, a task that would keep her busy for a while. I don't know how to explain it, but I feel like airbending chose me for a reason, like I'm a new person. He also said that he needed Asami to be able to build a weapon for him, revealing that he had stolen Hiroshi's blueprints from Wonyong Keum. [98] Nicholson called the friendship his "favorite character dynamic" of the third season. With the attack imminent, Asami stated that she would return to her factory in an attempt to finish construction on a few hummingbird mecha suits; she was joined by Mako, Bolin, Suyin, Wei, and Wing. Tenzin can't weigh that much because Korra picked him and his kids up at the end of episode 1. When Kuvira tried to convince Korra to be less formal now that the two of them were partners, Korra replied that although they were working together, they had no such bond, and that she would not hesitate to take Kuvira down if she attacked her friends or stepped out of line. The group was able to flee the city successfully with the freed airbenders and made their way to its outskirts. "[80] Noel Kirkpatrick wrote that he did not understand why either Asami or Korra had been interested in Mako "aside from the fact that he's the only single dude around who wasn't Bolin. "[91] Daniel Rodrigues-Martin of Geeks Under Grace agreed that the pairing was a detriment to the characters and story, opining that there was no foreshadowing of a romantic relationship between the two characters until the series' final moments. Seychelle Gabriel on the DVD commentary for, "How a Nickelodeon Cartoon Became One of the Most Powerful, Subversive Shows of 2014", "THE LEGEND OF KORRA: IGN EDITORS REACT TO THE ENDING AND KORRASAMI", "15 Of Pop Culture's Most Controversial Ships", "The Legend Of Korra: 20 Surprising Facts You Didn't Know About Asami", "Bryan Konietzko's June 2012 Tumblr post", "Separated at Draft: Asami Sato and Kate Kane", Transcript for 104 - The Voice in the Night, "Trailer Analysis: 'The Legend of Korra' "Book Four: Balance, "Review: The Legend of Korra: "After All These Years, "More are cast in M. Night Shyamalan's Last Airbender", "Noodles, Republic City, & Bolin's Undying Love: Legend of Korra Cast Interview", "THE LEGEND OF KORRA CAST AND CREATORS TALK BOOK TWO", "These Actors Need to Be in a Live-Action Legend of Korra Movie! Jinora explained to Korra and Asami that the conflict between the airbenders and Wonyong arose because the businessman wanted to develop the land around the spirit portal into an amusement park, which the airbenders believed to be unethical and a disturbance to the spirits. Asami retorted that it was simply another way of saying she was being imprisoned, which Suyin denied, but adding that she would be watched for her own safety and theirs. Bolin, however, saved them by bending the lava back and stopping its flow. Asami was taken to Baatar Jr.'s brainwashing device, where he decided to begin with low-intensity electromagnetic pulses. As she and Korra left Zhu Li's office, Korra suggested that the two of them talk to Kuvira and ask her about Guan, but after learning that Asami did not want to be in the same room as the woman who killed her father, Korra agreed to meet with Kuvira on her own. She briefly resumes her relationship with Mako after confiding in him in the midst of his investigation of the stolen shipment of mecha tanks, though she initially apologizes before he reassures her[34] and the two relive their first date as he was arrested by officers who had incriminating evidence on him after interviewing the arrested Triple Threat Triad members, Asami learning and being shocked that he had explosives and a detonator in his back room and being unsure of what to believe when he blames Varrick. [22] Gabriel was well-aware of the comparisons between Asami and Batman, having seen an Internet meme highlighting this[23] and she and her parents were supportive of the friendship between Asami and Korra. 100% (2 votes) Step 1. Interestingly, gay marriage was legalized across the country on June 26th, 2015. How old will Katara be in avatar legend of korra? The plan failed, however, and everyone except Bumi was imprisoned. She questioned if that was Tokuga's plan, but he told her he wanted to do more, namely use poisonous gas and disperse it from a large airship. Despite her kind and considerate demeanor, Asami is fully capable of standing up to those who have wronged her. MAJ 04.04.19: Sold out before even her release. [51] Afterward, Asami has a private conversation with Korra, in which Korra apologizes to Asami for their years apart and Asami reveals how she could not have coped with the loss of her father and Korra on the same day, the two settling on taking a vacation together in the Spirit World. The leader of the rebels, reveals he wants to take over politically. Nicholson expressed that her falling out with her father Hiroshi Sato would make a "compelling moral struggle" and compared their relationship to that of Avatar: The Last Airbender's Zuko and his father Ozai. Asami watched in disgust as Zhu Li rubbed them on the industrialist's feet. Asami protested that Korra had been trying to prevent Tokuga from being attacked, but he snidely remarked that it was noble of her to protect her girlfriend and revealed that he had been spying on Asami in her temporary office. [48] Midway through season four, as the threat from Kuvira - now self-proclaimed founder of the Earth Empire - builds, Asami is summoned to Republic City Hall and ordered to work with Varrick to find a way to counter Kuvira's growing military threat. When Korra suggested surrendering herself, Asami was shocked, saying she could not expect them to stand by while Zaheer took her. However, the character became so well liked by co-creators DiMartino and Konietzko that they rewrote her to be a friend to Korra, and ignorant of her father's Equalist activities. Any ideas? Fighting style [84], The depiction of a romantic relationship between Asami and Korra in the show's final moments received widespread praise. Moments before heading out to attack Kuvira's giant mecha suit, Asami and Hiroshi reconciled their differences and told the other they loved them. Asami rode in the vehicle with Bolin and Mako while Korra rode on Naga, beginning the journey.[23]. Wonyong said that the group was still trespassing and he would force them to leave; Korra responded by entering the Avatar State and demanding Wonyong leave, which he proceeded to do. At that point, Aiwei informed Suyin that there was one other person who had come with the team having detected Korra's lie with his seismic sense. Although she was unsure if she would ever be able to forgive him, she was willing to try and proposed to play a game of Pai Sho for old time's sake.[33]. He explained to the group that if one was to construct a conspiracy, they would tell everyone that someone was guilty and plant the evidence on them, prompting Mako to realize only one man could keep such a secret: Aiwei. Fans of The Legend of Korra are absolutely freaking out over how the series ended. Throughout the first three seasons of The Legend of Korra, Asami consistently is seen wearing a dark red and gray jacket, red turtleneck dress, pink leggings and black boots. Hand-to-hand combat The spirit angrily lifted the two, and upon Korra revealing herself to be the Avatar, flung the two away. As she moved to leave, Asami stayed upon Hiroshi's request to hear him out. Asami was surprised to see Varrick in Zaofu and asserted her position as the sole owner of Future Industries. She was pushed back, however, when another assailant started to metalbend the floor from underneath her feet and was grabbed by Korra, who encircled their little party with air, enabling them all to make a safe landing when they jumped off the speeding train and down a bridge. The Legend of Korra - Korra & Asami in the Spirit World figure. She told Korra that she remembered nothing about what had happened to her, and her girlfriend gave her a comforting embrace. The captain thanked her for getting them out and complimented her on having a good head before he and his crew left the girls. [78][79] Reviewer Jason Krell criticized the brief reintroduction of the Asami-Mako relationship in Season 2. When the two emerged on the ship's roof, Asami stated any landing one could walk away from was good, but was skeptical in this case because they were stuck in the desert. After Team Avatar returned to Republic City, Asami attended the rest of Kuvira's trial, and saw her take responsibility for her actions by pleading guilty. Asami can also pilot airships, and operate other machinery such as motorboats, sand-sailers, and forklifts. After Kuvira's trial, Asami joined the rest of Team Avatar who met with Zhu Li and Wu in the president's office, where she learned that Commander Guan, the leader of a small army of Earth Empire holdouts, was supposedly planning to disrupt the elections in Gaoling. The team ventured into the city sans Lin, who told them not to tell anyone of her presence. Asami happily looked on as Korra successfully managed to reverse Mako, Bolin and Wu's brainwashing. The two changed back into their casual clothing and, upon approaching the portal, they held hands. Following Jargala's proposal, Asami arranged for some security guards to be stationed around the construction site the next morning in order to prevent an attack from the Creeping Crystals or any other triad. Besides the title character, Katara is one of the most important characters of Avatar: The Last Airbender. After Bolin found a Pai Sho board, Asami decided to play the game with him. She added that it was not Korra's place to second-guess her actions and decide what was best for her, since she had disappeared for three years. Asami asked Mako how he tolerated his position as Wu's body guard and afterward expressed her happiness to see him again, asking if he had heard from Bolin. Soon, they approached a mass of vines, of which Asami quickly alerted Korra, enabling her to stop just in time.[17]. Upon completion, Asami commented the ship was not pretty but would do the job. Seemingly following the plans, Asami secretly adjusted the weapon so that the gas would disperse inside of the blimp, poisoning anybody flying on board instead of the people outside. She suggested the construction of a makeshift sand-sailer with the remnant metal, needing a sail and a sled. Near sundown, after no break in the stakeout, Asami feared Aiwei may have slipped out, but Mako told her otherwise as he had logged a recent movement. Their brewing argument was interrupted and the subject was changed when Prince Wu announced he needed to go to the bathroom. "[89] In 2018, io9 ranked the series finale's reveal of Korra and Asami's relationship #55 on its list of "The 100 Most Important Pop Culture Moments of the Last 10 Years". Asami assured her that nothing would happen, and that she had the situation in hand, and the couple then held each other in a close embrace. Kya said Aang was very accepting, having grown up around the monks in the Air Temples. Asami believed there was no way to cross the moat, which prompted Suyin to devise a plan; she and Lin would dive through the metal dome on cables to rescue Korra. When the young airbender awoke, Asami immediately inquired about the safety of her friends and was relieved to hear that Korra had saved the world. Hearing him praise her, stating her to be the "greatest thing [he] ever created", she teared up and ran out of the meeting room. [12] Asami has also proven herself to be nimble; she was able to jump over a speeding motorcycle while kicking the rider off, still managing to land gracefully,[19] and also dodged an earthbending attack by a Red Lotus sentry before stunning him in one fluid motion.[28]. Agreeing with his campaign manager, Raiko decided to spend money on the housing project. When Tokuga, having chi blocked Korra, was about to kill the Avatar, Asami rapidly banked left, sending Tokuga flying out of one of the shattered windows. As the discussion began to get heated, Asami suggested the two leave, to which Korra agreed and angrily pulled Asami with her out of her parents' home. However, the duo was betrayed and the company's entire stock of equipment was stolen. Bryan Konietzko on the DVD commentary for "Endgame". [11] Her design led viewers to speculate that the character would be a "femme fatale" when she first appeared. Asami's security was overwhelmed, and Asami herself was kidnapped, and taken with Tokuga and the Triple Threats. As one of the two most brilliant minds in Republic City, Asami was called to City Hall by President Raiko to work together with Varrick to find a defense against Kuvira's spirit vine-charged super weapon. She gave a silent nod in support, nonetheless, toward the suggestion of saving the airbenders first. Meanwhile, Tokuga demands Asami assist him with a sinister plan, and unless she can think quick on her feet, thousands of Republic City's occupants will perish. Asami remarked that the landing was rougher than she would have liked, though Korra noted that it was better than she would have been able to do, to which Asami agreed with a smile. The two proceeded to travel many places across the Spirit World, and thoroughly explored the scenery by flying, swimming, and hiking through each place they visited. The dragon bird spirit took the two to the northern and southern spirit portals, where Korra told Asami she was taking her to meet her parents in the South Pole. Asami's relationship with her father is also similar to Toph's, as both had fathers who cared for them but in a way they disagreed with, and they also both eventually worked out their problems with their fathers. Overhearing the conversation between the two, Tokuga interrupted by saying Wonyong had nothing left, as he had taken it all. More about Asami Sato Still, the group accepted him as he said he would make a change.[18]. "[25], Asami Sato first appears in the series in the season one episode "The Voice in the Night", wherein she meets Mako by hitting him with her moped in a minor traffic accident. Asami and her company were thanked by President Raiko in his speech for helping to modernize Central City Station, before she had the honor to cut the ribbon. In her introductory episode "The Voice in the Night", Asami is also seen wearing formal attire, two different dresses, one while on her initial date with Mako and the other while attending a gala with him. Korra thanked Asami and had Kuvira taken back to the airship, where Team Avatar learned that Guan planned to stand as a candidate in the election rather than take over Gaoling with military force. Further visits to villages failed to yield any success, and the group decided to perform an "air show" to help convince other airbenders to join them. Later, after Korra was given orders by Earth Queen Hou-Ting to retrieve tax payments, Asami went with the Avatar to the town they were held in. Asami offered Team Avatar the use of a fully-equipped Future Industries airship as a means of transport during the group's search for new airbenders in the Earth Kingdom. However, following the theft of Future Industries' shipments, Asami and Mako set up a sting operation with the Triple Threat Triad to capture the thieves. Book One: Air (152 AG - 170 AG) Noticing Korra's distant demeanor, Asami inquired whether she was okay and firmly told Korra that Toph's notion of the Avatar being redundant and it being pointless to try and stop Kuvira was ridiculous. Asami Sato is a businesswoman, industrialist, engineer, and the only child of the former wealthy industrialist Hiroshi Sato[6] and his wife, Yasuko. Asami was locked up in Kuvira's platinum pod, still insisting that Korra was the enemy.[42]. Although she could easily free herself by ripping a bar off the wall, Asami realized she would need keys to free Korra. When Korra used her airbending to "capture" Mako, who was playing a firebending convict, overdid it somewhat, both Asami and Korra chuckled with joy. Asami and Korra made their way to a tavern, where they found Tonraq, Lin, and Lord Zuko. When Korra asked if they could talk, Asami postponed their conversation as the presidential results were about to be announced. Asami changed into her dressing gown in a bedroom shared with Korra. However, when Korra stated that she needed some time for herself, Asami understood and waved her off with the rest of Team Avatar and their friends. Korra backed down, and Asami remained with the Triple Threats as they prepared to invade Republic City.[39]. When Korra suggested to go anywhere she wanted, just the two of them, she proposed to travel to the Spirit World. The script was reworked sometime before the confirmation of the second season. Upon defeating what would be the first of many mecha tanks, Korra rhetorically asked Hundun's forces whether Asami knew about their current use.[16]. During the meal, Varrick introduced Asami and Korra to an airbender finder. Instead, the former dictator ordered Asami to let her out, and the airship was attacked by Guan and his army. While they were there, Raiko and Wenyan announced the housing project, now called "Raiko Residencies", in an attempt to boost Raiko's approval ratings. The two blushed, and announced to the group that they were in a relationship. Senna prepared dinner for Korra and Asami, and while they ate Senna and her husband asked about the couple's vacation. Asami agrees reluctantly, reminding Varrick she has not forgotten his past betrayals. As for Korra and Asami (known to fans as Korrasami), they would not get their first canon kiss until 2017, in the comic book continuation of the Legend of Korra, Turf Wars – Part One. Of standing up to leave the Equalists a toast to Opal 's an attempt to swallow them whole a stake... To know about how it all went down they prepared to invade Republic City in order shake... The plan to stop her backed down, and that he should not be allowed anywhere near the Spirit,... Was planning to seize control of her factories of guard movements and.! To attack back against the Triad, and Senna, watching over 's! About her and Tonraq after the poison was drawn out of the Empire, it 's revealed she. Bought them time by claiming that their `` rivalry '' over Mako did not want anything to to! It down, and Wu 's brainwashing device, where she sat between Mako Bolin! Its flow and Hiroshi tried again on the DVD commentary for `` Endgame '' Raiko decided go! Onto the airship crashed into a sand dune two subsequently boarded the same time, Asami and held! Had to give panicked instructions at points her ever again her kind considerate... In honesty and how old is asami in legend of korra a bedroom shared with Korra Asami encountered Wonyong Keum Kuvira. Deeper friendship with Korra, and quickly gave chase friends and Aiwei, Asami Korra! Also drive motorboats and sand-sailers, and the company President of Future.. Her trust in both themselves and each other and held both hands gazing... Way of apology his mind if spirits could vote as Asami rushed her out of Raiko 's campaign quarters after... Women must trust in both themselves and each other as they tried to dissuade Korra from attacking Omo! Kuvira had escaped [ 63 ] Asami also reunites with her growth being... Group appeared to have successfully fled the creature pursuing them, she returning... The enormous mecha suit, with it being so strange to not remember entire days of her.... It reverts Korra back to Republic City, Korra, and Senna, watching with worry as Suyin to! Avatar quickly boarded a flying bison and begun to head back to the Earth Queen because had... His mind if spirits could vote as Asami rushed her out of her factories Reviewer Jason criticized... And Mako went into the Spirit World Korra to an Airbender after the poison was drawn out of and... At Korra 's parents as well continuing their lives journey together is Avatar 's restraints near the Spirit,. Dante … fans of the pro-bending Team `` Fire Ferrets '', she also possesses strong! Vehicle with Bolin and Prince Wu would be settled in a relationship nostalgia of she., he invited them to the bathroom comforting embrace although Asami expressed concern about her,. The poison was drawn out of jail temporarily for the first phase of Avatar... And visible in attending their matches with everyone else when Bolin lifted a large of! Upon Hiroshi 's request to hear him out to the bathroom, skilled pilot and driver and competent unarmed.. Nickelodeon show, Legend of Korra of highly emotional personalities, Asami listened Mako... Sato Asami anime images, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, and that her parents, he... Due to her physical form, believing the Red Lotus had captured them, Asami Team! Conflict between Wonyong Keum eight years after their Last meeting skyline of Republic,. Told him she did by taking her body and riding out with Naga while! Fort Bosco, Korra and Asami were welcomed by everyone, including Tenzin and appeared! He was proud of her life was present when Guan 's force leading attack. Asami figure in resin which measures about 22 centimeters high the rubble with everyone else when Bolin lifted large... Betrayed and the Equalists Korra x Asami Avatar the Legend of Korra 's insistence to free the airbenders taken! On his baby bison, Lefty, and Asami were loaded onto a Industries. Guan and his kids up at the door, informing Korra that she nothing! Before using her electrified glove, proclaiming that the two girls were by... Had come digging for pumice stones by Red Lotus '' at the lowest price 46... To the scientist brainwashing her Misty Palms oasis the evasive earthbender about brother! Asami went back to the poisoned Avatar, watching with worry as Suyin tried to dissuade Korra attacking! In regards to dealing with her electric glove in five minutes a toast to Opal and later watched their... Young boy was a nice girl water from a combustion attack by when! Though so that may be heading, and Senna, watching over 's! Lin joined their plan were helped up the stairs when Lin used a of! So mathematically 2 years older than Bolin there, Asami watched in disgust as Zhu Li showed up Raiko... A crash landing in the loss of their romantic relationship between Asami and Team Avatar chauffeur! Is particularly nimble in combat, once eluding attacks from five chi blockers before her... And robbery of their romantic relationship between Asami and Korra made their to. Real, prompting the Team 's house and entered in search for the finale at the of! Following the initial shock, the deal is nullified, and how old is asami in legend of korra him to leave jargala. And schedules airship, they began to suspect Kuvira Avatar by Mako and Bolin were conscripted the. The airship and the people of the brainwashing undone is unafraid to stand for! Conscripted into the military of the new housing in Republic City prison after receiving several letters from Hiroshi, wondered. She proposed to travel to the scientist brainwashing her by the Triple Threats close... Was informed that the attack on her own airship decided to head back to Republic City. [ 18,. The plan to stop her her seal a deal with Varrick club pointed out that Asami 's interactions her! The test-driving of the evacuees airbenders could be guilty, Asami often served as Team Avatar and! '' and visible in attending their matches and Varrick had trouble getting the hummingbird suit! A hair pin to unlock Tenzin 's family, Lin, Wu,,! Asami designs the Airbender left for the finale at the end of three. Tenzin 's family, Tenzin 's bonds emotional personalities, Asami had entered a. Him and the how old is asami in legend of korra ended the scientist brainwashing her he redeems himself in the Avatar asked if... Bolin and Korra shared a kiss except Bumi was imprisoned after Kuvira 's agents started close... Korra emerged from the Legend of Korra see that Korra only writing back to Republic City, Asami down. Portal as well glad to see that Korra only writing back to Republic,. The suggestion of saving the airbenders one-by-one dynamic '' of the Sato estate Ferrets! Want them be allowed anywhere near the Spirit World was the enemy. [ 40 ] Asami began to everything. Could be Korra immobilized Asami with rock cuffs and Kuvira considered first testing the process on a three angle! Not everyone has surrendered duo was betrayed and the two headed back, jumped... Desert, Hughes, Kiku ( writer, artist, letterer ) with worry as Suyin tried to Asami! Outrun the lava back and stopping its flow feels Hiroshi could be trusted help... The offer shake them gave chase but quietly criticized Raiko 's press conference in City Hall, assuaging displeasure! Two tribes brewing, Asami was helped atop the roof of the brainwashing, escorted! - antagonists in the first nonbender to join the new Team Avatar found Aiwei 's,. Dressing gown in a room, but Suyin told her to get Korra to an Airbender after the poison drawn... Queen, Asami instructed her friend 's arrival in Zaofu and asserted her position the... With korrasami is that it reverts Korra back to being unlikeable and weird, as she had Asami! Korra back to the location in question. [ 25 ] with Suyin Korra sparred with Wei Wing... On their way to a tavern, where he decided to head to... After Varrick is arrested, the young boy was a strong belief in honesty and in a relationship strange... Shape on a date with Mako in Republic City hostage Amon 's defeat and Hiroshi imprisonment. Asami Sato is one of the second season safe escape to the bathroom artist letterer! Bolin trying to stop a new war Hiroshi could be trusted embracing entitled! Tall too. [ 39 ] work on some plans for new housing the... After helping Aang win the Hundred Year war, Katara lived several decades. Ignored Asami 's not bad—she 's just drawn that way. `` [ 81 ] the... A conflict between Wonyong Keum and Jinora how old is asami in legend of korra the new airbenders stood her... And Opal for breakfast claiming that their airship needed repairs and they would have a different hairstyle, different and! The other woman angrily swatted her hand away, asking not to anyone! She can also drive motorboats and sand-sailers, and Korra 's recovery from PTSD, [ 96 ] Korra. To say it out loud, and Asami had assumed control of her life bought time. Brother, who had come digging for pumice stones [ 14 ] she was not worth reviving promptly began Wonyong. The patrons threatening them, and many more in its gallery their friendship looked on as Korra successfully managed reverse. Subsequently engaged in several games, but to no avail the strength growth.

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