barska (in stock) 3.0 (3) heckler & koch 416 sight adjustment tool. Sight Adjustments. This laser bore sight accepts calibers between 22 and 50 calibers. Micro H-2 has become Aimpoint’s most popular red dot sight and now a Tungsten Cerakote® coating version is released as a limited edition. The notch on the end of the screw is used to grab the front sight post and twist it to move it up and down for elevation. It is easiest if you start the zeroing process from a short distance. Aimpoint red dot sights are optically centered. Tip: Do your sighting in the morning/evening so it’s easier to view the dot. The system has a four piece adjustment system that allows you press exact pressure on the slide to prevent any deformation or damage to the slide as you install or remove sights. Adjust the Reticle. specs hs503c; hs503cu - circle dot; hs503gu micro. heckler & koch (in stock) 5.0 (1) ar-15 a2 sight adjustment tool. tavor sar sight adjustment tool. hs507c mini. Whether it is a bolt-action rifle, shotgun, AR-15 carbine, handgun, muzzleloader, or bow – Aimpoint has the sight you need to get you on target faster. Do this using the adjustment Turrets. Use the selection tools on this page to help focus our product offerings to best match your specific requirements. hs503c - circle dot. specs he510c-gr; he503gu-gr elite. iwi us (in stock) 0.0. ak-47/akm/sks front sight adjustment tool. The elevation is perfect but my groups are an inch or so too far left. he510c-gr elite. I bought a cheap red dot sight, a Bushnell TRS-25. specs hs515cu; elite sights. specs hs515c; hs515cu - circle dot. The instructions helpfully state the windage adjustment screw is the one on the right, and that one click = 1 MOA. specifications-hs503r; hs515c - circle dot. Rear sight pusher can remove, install, or adjust the rear sights in either direction. specs hs503gu; hs503r - circle dot. Position your firearm, so the laser’s red dot gets centered on the target. 13 Jul. It’s the fastest method for sighting in your scope, red dot sight, or iron sights on the market. The windage adjustment screw is on the left side of the housing while the elevation adjustment screw is on top, both have a range of adjustment of up to 50 MOA. Quick Guide Videos by Aimpoint Short easy to follow instructional films for Aimpoint® red dot sights. specs he503gu-gr; open reflex. We recommend 25 meters. This is going to let you save time and money. Keep doing that until the center is overlapping the target’s laser dot… Like all red dot sights, all Ultra Shot red dot sights can be adjusted for both windage and elevation. That means that if the mount base is properly aligned with your firearm’s action, only minor adjustments should be necessary. The adjustment tool is used primarily to push your front sight post side to side for windage (this is gonna be a must if you own a WASR!). Side witness windows machined into both sides of tool frame to check for and verify proper tool and rear sight alignment. The Wheeler Armorer’s Handgun Sight Tool (see full specs) will work on all semi-auto pistols and you can reverse the sight prong to accommodate Glock slides. You’ll only need to fire off 2-3 rounds during the sighting process to know you’re fully sighted in. Sight tool frame can be bolted to, clamped onto work surface, or clamped onto a work vice.

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