Nisyros Volcanologic Museum: for information - See 53 traveler reviews, 16 candid photos, and great deals for Nisiros, Greece, at Tripadvisor. There are the beautiful villages Mandraki, Pali, Emporio and Nikia which are not only attractive for photographers. constitute the period of the greatest prosperity of the island. Read reviews about our services. About the history of Nisyros Known as Poryphyris in the ancient times, the history of Nisyros is connected to the numerous volcanic eruptions that have occurred on the island. All content included on this site consists intellectual property of GNTO and you are not allowed to reproduce the whole or part of this work in any way. Track on Map Add Photo Add to Fleet Port Calls They soon became independent and remained so until 200 B.C., when they submitted to Rhodes … A key synthetic feature is the management of the section with the aim of highlighting the subsoil and adapting light but also static elements that allow unobstructed views of the crater. The vessel NISYROS (IMO: 9412062, MMSI 240849000) is a LPG Tanker built in 2009 (11 years old) and currently sailing under the flag of Greece. According to Homer, the Nisyrians were amongst the Greeks that fought in Troy. But in reality, the first inhabitants of Nisyros were the Kares, who were followed by the Achaeans of Kos and then by the Rhodians, a fact established by the recovery many relics found on the island, which have been left by people from Thessaly, Kos, and Rhodes. They worshipped Apollo of Delphi and Poseidon of Pelasgus whose temple was found in what today is Palos where the old thermal springs of the island were found. La caldeira du volcan a un diamètre de quatre kilomètres et présente deux cratères. The capital, port and largest town on the island is Mandraki. Some people that fly to Rhodes fly over the island of Nisyros on their way and it is very clear to see that this is actually a huge volcano. Decouvrez le Dodecanese : ile Nissiros. Nisyros is a 41 km2 large greek island in the Dodecanese group and is situated between the islands of Kos and Tilos, north of the island of Rhodes.The island has around 1100 inhabitants. The ancient name of the Nisyros was Porphyris. Nisyros was independent till 200 B.C. Nisyros Travel Guide – Best of Nisyros Island: History, beaches, places to visit & more. Nisyros joined Greece in 1948. Greeka team and its community members will be delighted to help you! Later in 1315 A.D., Nisyros was fortified by the Knights of Saint John and they constructed five forts in strategic locations on the island. Nisyros has a long history. Homer, mentions the Nisyrians amongst the Greeks who fought in Troy. Achetez neuf ou d'occasion Nisyros. The history of Nisyros is common with those of other islands of the southeastern Aegean. Later, and for a short period of time, the Nisyrians joined the ranks of the Athenians. The Turks looted Nisyros at least four times until 1523 when they subjugated it and together with the other surrounding islands, brought it under the peculiar, privileged regime of the “maktou”. 3D-Image of the area of Cos & Nisyros. - first submarin eruptions to top. The Ioannite Knights (Knights of the order of Saint John) fortified Nisyros in 1315 A.D. building five forts in strategic positions on the island in the years that followed. Presque au centre de Nissiros, sur le plateau Lakki, s’ouvre le cratère du volcan éteint, Polybotes (diamètre 260 m et profondeur 30 m). Ancient walls, dating from the 5th century BC, part of the acropolis of the island, are found near Mandraki. The history of Nisyros is common with that of the southeastern Aegean islands. Traces of neolithic habitation from the 5th millennium BC have been recorded on the island, and life seems to be continued from then until now. L’od… Known as Poryphyris in ancient times, the history of Nisyros is connected to the numerous volcanic eruptions that have occurred on the island. We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience and to analyze site traffic. Elle se trouve au sud de Cos, entre Cos et Tilos (plus au sud-est, on trouve Rhodes). At the end of the 19th century it has about 5,000 inhabitants, at which point the decline starts. and during the Median Wars, Nisyros paid tribute to the Queen of Halicarnassus, Artemisia. If you are a Nisyros, or are realated to the Nisyros family we invite you to participate and exchange genealogical information. On this page you may find where is Nisyros island, how to get there, things to do and see, what to do in Nisyros, beaches and villages, where to stay, hotels and accommodation and more. Son cratère principal Stéfanos est l’un des plus grands et les mieux conservés cratères hydrothermales dans le monde avec une profondeur de vingt-sept mètres. Nisyros flourished during the 5 th century BC while it was captured from the Persians and freed from the Athenians, becoming a member of the Delian League. Nisyros is one of the most beautiful Aegean islands, still untouched by the tourism growth. There you will get a great introduction in the geological history of Nisyros and also you will find hiking maps for the geological trails. . Later in 1821, the locals supported the Greek Revolution. This was followed by a massive volcanic eruption that led to the creation of the large crater in the middle of the island, in 1422. Visitez Nisyros avec ses villages aux maisons blanches, ses églises, ses paysages lunaires, ses sources thermales etc.. Ou est l’ile de Nissiros ? The island was constructed during the past 150,000 years, with three cone-building stages including explosive and effusive andesitic eruptions and effusive and extrusive dacitic and rhyolitic activity. The 5th and 4th centuries B.C. The history of Nisyros is common with those of other islands of the southeastern Aegean. Our services are rated However, Nisyros did not become a part of the newly independent Greece at this time. History and Legend Strabo, in his account of the island (Geog. In 1912, Nisyros was handed to Italy and remained under their rule till 1948, when it was attached to Greece. Preserved dedicatory columns tell us of the distinguished position held by Zeus, Hermes and many deities in the daily worship of the inhabitants. Temples with dedicatory columns indicate the Zeus was another prominent god and so was Hermes. What is a volcano? Later, it passed under Macedonian occupation and finally became part of the Roman Empire. L'île est entourée de quatre îlots eux aussi d'origine volcanique : Gyali, Pergoussa, Paheia, et Strogyli Kasou. GNTO © 2020. Greek mythology states that Nisyros was once a part of the island Kos, but during the fight of the Titans, Poseidon plucked a part of Kos and threw it at Polyvotis, wanting to kill him with it. Nisyros is surrounded by a couple of smaller islands of which Gyali or Yali in the north is the largest. According to Greek mythology, the island was formed when Poseidon cut off a part of Kos and threw it onto the giant Polybotes to stop him from escaping. Nisyros is also one of the many stops along the way for ferries traveling from Piraeus (Athens) to the beautiful island of Rhodes. Later, and for a short period of time, the Nisyrians joined the ranks of the Athenians. During the Median wars, Nisyros was enslaved by Artemisia, the Queen of Halicarnassus who was sympathetic towards the Persians.
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