Ms. Endive: Not you. Silence this one! Hyness, otherwise known as, "The Creepy Fusion of Squidward, Mung Daal and Hypno" is the result of Squidward Tentacles, Mung Daal and Hypno using the Fusion-Machine 9000 for a fusion of all of them. Where did those come from? Mung Daal: But we already... [looks in the oven to find Truffles in it] Mung Daal: Not done! Chowder: I changed my mind! We need more spice! 98 ($0.20/Ounce) Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save. She's always right! Of course not. Later he replaced "of di Pakistan gornament" with "of di Toba Tek Singh gornament." Join Facebook to connect with Daniel Meza García Jr. and others you may know. That sounds delicious! Mung Daal: [singing] Oh, yep, I hope nothin' happens to my yeast... Mung Daal: I'm a reasonable chef, right? Sharing is important. Ptui! Chowder: Bacon? Mung Daal and Chowder travel back in time to avert a humiliating cooking disaster Mung made in his younger years. Gazpacho: [naked, to Chowder] Hey! Chowder: Why does Shnitzel always get so happy on fivesday? She has even treated … Miss Endive: What are you talking about? Shnitzel: RADDA! [jumps into a pickle barrel], [Gazpacho disguises himself as a mother Bluenana to save Chowder]. Mung Daal: [writing in a journal] It has been months since I saw my wife and kids... Truffles: What kids? Mung Daal: I'll tell you what happened: you blew us into each other's bodies! He can do anything. Mung Daal: Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between good cheese and bad feet. We truly appreciate your support. Mung Daal: Well, wasn't that a crumby ending? Mung Daal: Oh that's not true, Chowder. Chowder: Because you said we were making BBQ, and only a real man can make a dish like that! He's like a villain or something! Truffles: I gotta little junk-junk, in the trunk-trunk! [as Panini grieves for the loss of her child; Chowder gives her a hug], Chowder: I'm not your boyfriend! Made of moong dal, this culinary gem first came to prominence when Prince Murad Baksh (the third son of Shah Jahan) established the city of Moradabad in 1625. "You share a big piece with everyone!" Would you care for a free lollipop? I almost shared with you! Come on, Margarine! Chowder: Mung, what's happening? - Chowder "That reminds me of when we used to dance behind the dumpster." Truffles: [threatening] You keep it that way! And his wife Elaine. You see, there is an ugly lady inside of all of us, and sometimes, that ugly lady makes us do things we're not proud of. Mung Daal. She's using fireworks. [chucks a spoon]. Chowder: [bursts into tears] My eyes are bleeding! Crummy, crumby? Thanks for your vote! I spit on floor! Todd: Sorry, babe, I need to be with someone who loves me for me! I've never been on a date before! Mung Daal: [wearing Truffles's dress] Because I really look good in this dress! (Mung Daal lifts up the pillow, revealing ham to be underneath it)Mung Daal: Ham?! [brightens dramatically] Oh hey! Mung Daal: Sure. More marble columns! Birdman comes and rummages through the box]. Big Food: I am Big Food. The beds, the walls, the priceless carpet; and who do you think has to clean up all that life?" Truffles: [about her husband] When he gets in the potato peelings, there is no getting through to him... Mung Daal: Thank you, Chowder, for giving me the courage to foolishly face my completely rational fear! Mung Daal: No, we are NOT going home! [points to the Monster] And what is wrong with his face? Mung Daal: You heard me! Label, label, label! The Fake Chowder that … And I was always saving you... [Somebody interrupts a flashback where a young Mung Daal serenades a young Truffles], Mung Daal: Things are about to get cooking! This is disgraceful Arborian home! Mung Daal: Why is this pillow so lumpy?! Chowder: [imitating Truffles] Blah, blah, blah. [Mung Daal spends the night with Chowder], Mung Daal: Why is this pillow so lumpy? Roast, Mung and Chowder smiles at the audience], [Mung Daal discovers Chowder has changed history, leading to apocalyptic consequences], Mung Daal: Well, it was nice while it lasted... [vanishes]. I hope I don't have gum stuck in my nose again. Chowder: Chowder has moved far away and cannot be your boyfriend. Gazpacho: That Ms. Endive, she's disgusting! Chowder didn't want to grow up and sings a song explaining why, but he sings the same ... Error: please try again. Baby Bird #2: [deep voice] She works hard to bring home the bacon. Mung Daal: What are you talking about? Chowder: [who'd been daydreaming] Yeah! Mung Daal: Run, man! Mung Daal-Sharp is on Facebook. [gum crushes his store]. Chowder: [halts while chasing Mung Daal up Mt Fondoom] Aaaah! One team is red with white stripes and the other is white with red stripes. Mung Daal: I want you Meaches to know that all your collective mamas are dumb and ugly! Nothing, dear. Sometimes it's hard being a pixie sprite. Mung Daal: This is out of control! Truffles: Because she has a ginormous tush, that's why! Chowder Quotes. [slams desk] WHY? We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. He does, however, wear regular clothes like a raincoat, Hawaiian shirts, shorts, pants, shirts, and jackets every once in a while. A great memorable quote from the Chowder movie on - Mung Daal: You don't need special spice to be a great chef, all you need is a great moustache. You were my only hope for love! Mung Daal: ...use that catch phrase in here again! Mung Daal: Well, they're bad for us, but we can never live up to them. Now go away so I can finish my moment! Mung Daal: [singing] I dream of Jeannie with a light brown hair... Truffles: [smashes Mung with a frying pan] WHO'S JEANNIE? Ahhhhh... [Mama Bird regurgitates in Chowder's mouth] That's not bacon. Mung Daal: I have, but let's leave Truffles' mother out of this. [everyone laughs]. NO FLASHBACKS! Chowder: I'll get this one for Truffles. Mung Daal: If I have to ask a 26th time, I'll... ah, it's no use! Mung Daal: Careful, your eyes might pop out! Wait, fat kid running... [pants]. I'm a mean lady. STANDS4 LLC, 2020. Mung Daal: ...Care to give a free sample to an ugly lady? Once she learns to lower her expectations, everyone will be happy. Contents Edit []#AppearancAppearances; Personality; Strength; Shnitzel's Language; Quotes; Love/Relationships; Trivia; Gallery; AppearanceEdit Edit Mung Daal: Schnitzel, how many years have you been working with me? Ugh! You replaced our show with THIS? Why do you want to sell a perfectly good garage? Mung Daal: No, I got bored and made that out of flour and butter. Mung Daal: You take the moon and you take the sun, Chowder: You take everything that seems like fun, Truffles: You stir it all up and when you're done, Shnitzel: Radda radda radda radda ra! You know I can't raise the dead. Now you've destroyed the sport! Chowder: [serious] No, you're not in this episode. Gazpacho: My fingers! . Mung Daal: Great. Shnitzel (also known as Schnitzel) is one of the main characters on Chowder.He is an employee of Mung Daal Catering who not only gets underpaid but has to endure the daily shenanigans of his boss's apprentice Chowder. If you were its mother, you'd know that! [Shnitzel grabs Mung and the two GTFO]. Chowder: [beating Funji off himself] You hurt Mung! Please tell me you shared some with Truffles! [Chowder meets Flanini, his dream-world parallel of Panini]. - Truffles "Radda!" It features both BeanFan's usual mechanics as well as his usual flaws. All: So come on in feel free to do some looking; stay a while 'cause something's always cooking. And that picture of her is gross too. Why would I be? “ Chowder: Pepper spray? Isn't that what you wanted? It's too painful! [Ceviche leaves] WHY? You do it! [shuts the oven door. THIS is you! Next thing you know, you're barfing life all over the place! [the screen around Mung Daal starts to dissolve into a flashback]. Blah, blah, blah. Mung Daal: Chowder, what are you doing? Todd: No way! Truffles: You stir it all up and when you're done, Shnitzel: Radda radda radda radda ra! [is shrunk by Cinamini powder through the phone and arrives at the Monster's house in the Cinnamini tree] What is this ugly place? Truffles: I still smell gum! Bank Lady: Welcome! Mung Daal: Fortunately, we can return to our normal bodies with the "Get Back to Normal" recipe! Is it the day he makes a poo? Mung Daal: Oh, sweet peas! Chowder: Oh, sorry. Who wants some breakfast? Shnitzel! Home › TV Shows ›‹ Chowder › Mung Daal. The fat, purple buunycat kid. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. However, Mung is no match for Halond Daze's catch phrase, and he makes Mung spill his dish. It's a costume. *I do! Birdman: No, just checking out your stuff. Truffles: [answers the phone] Hello? In your faces! Facebook gives people the power to share … Asked for his opinion, he would reply with great seriousness: "Upri gur gur di annexe di be-dhiyana di mung di daal of di Pakistan gornament." [cries]. This is SO uncomfortable! [Chowder looks up at a cloud shaped like a fish], Chowder: That cloud looks like a chicken! Mung Daal: No, Chowder. Which is weird, because usually you're mayonnaise in my dreams. Arrives before Christmas. Wrong times *three! Chowder: Hey, where are you going? We have to save the show! Panini: [breaks down] I just wanted to be close to you Chowder! I just wanna go home! Mung Daal: Yeah, boy. Am I a rabbit? [Mung opens the window and Chowder hisses while scary pipe organ music plays in the background]. Chef Halond Daze then puts soap in Chowder and Mung's mouths. Somebody PLEASE label me before it's too late! She stopped yelling at us, and she never comes in here now. STANDS4 LLC, 2020. Mung Daal: You guys notice with Truffles being quieter it's been so... calm? All right! It is possible that this is because the Baby Minotaur is an entirely CGI character, and a CGI character in an entirely 2D animated universe, Marzipan in this case, is entirely out of place. Truffles: [unusually aggrieved] I thought you were speaking figuratively... Mung Daal: No! With Nicky Jones, Dwight Schultz, Tara Strong, John DiMaggio. Do something! Chowder: I think something's wrong with Mung. Ms. Endive, Panini: [singing] I'm leaving on a snail plane... [a smart Chowder turns the show into a health food programme]. Truffles: [to Mung] Chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding, butterscotch, you are none of these! [Mung Daal rolls on the floor laughing]. Mung Daal: [to Chowder] I am so sorry... [throws the Burple Nurples into Mt Fondoom], [Truffles hands Shnitzel a check and Shnitzel starts kissing it and rubbing it over himself]. Shnitzel is a rock monster that wears a plain white apron and pink underpants, and his ears are small cubes that stick out of the top of his head. Meanwhile, Chowder hears the thrice cream cart and runs away again]. Miss Endive: No! Chowder: [about Shnitzel] He's gonna die! [Truffles disappears]. I'm not dating anybody! And now for the chest hair! Todd, no! Mung Daal: Unfortunately, I know EXACTLY what's going on, and so help me I'm the only one who can stop it! 3. Even though Truffles threatens to beat or kill Chowder on a daily basis, she seems to have a deep affection for Chowder. Mung Daal: Okay team! That's the wrong drawing... [Mung holds up a picture of Schnitzel in the shower]. [scarpers]. 27 Dec. 2020. [Chowder and Shnitzel are being eaten alive by Meaches]. Chowder: Shnitzel, if you don't make it out of this, I just want you to know that I used your apron to unclog my toilet. Truffles: [to Mung Daal] You were always making trouble. [comes across a skeleton, and screams]. Truffles: Are you talking about my mom's heiny? Chowder: You just haven't tried hard enough. Chowder: Mung's the bomb. Chowder: [to Truffles] I now realized you're not just a creepy old troll lady. Panini, never mention this to anyone, and say a prayer for the souls of the departed... [Panini starts crying], Truffles: We won! Mung Daal: I never thought of that. (To Shnitzel) "Look what you did. It can't be true! A little booty-booty, so fresh and fruity, mmmmm! Chowder: Oh my gosh, Knish Krinkle just threw up Gazpacho! Truffles: Here comes the bride, here comes the bride... Mung Daal: Why are you in a bride's dress? Chowder: Lullaby, and good night / My pretend bluenana baby... / Please get better quickly / so Panini will stop following me / all the time! Todd: I'll be right here waiting for you! Panini: Chowder! He has a tall head (which can be compared to a rectangle) and a small bo… Panini: Hold up! I'm being held hostage by a madwoman! I prefer we keep it that way... Todd: I made this teddy bear for you. WHY? Although Truffles is shown being very cold toward everyone, she actually likes them as she deeply cares for Mung Daal, which is seen when he forgets their anniversary and she is deeply hurt and disappointed. Chowder: MY IMAGINATION COULD NEVER COME UP WITH SOMETHING SO HIDEOUS! Chowder: [straining] I'm trying to grow a beard! Mung Daal: Don't worry, your he-man will take care of everything. [shuts the oven door. Mung Daal: I just wanted things to stop blowing up in my face! Possibiladoom. Web. I don't want to be in the circus anymore! Mung Daal: NO! Mung Daal: [to Truffles] Honey, you gotta pay Shnitzel! Wisdom Tooth: And so Chowder and the enslaved taste buds marched toward what seem like certain doom. [strains] Mung Daal: Careful, your eyes might pop out! The large-nosed chef has only projectiles to work with, and his wife as a striker. Mung: I don't have a catch phrase! Let's get one thing straight! Chowder: This place disgusting! Ceviche: Oh my gosh, Panini! Mung Daal: Well, they're bad for us, but we can never live up to them. Chowder: Yeah, it just clogged it up even more. Mung Daal: And how many times have I been wrong? [a giant monster erupts under the stadium and throws it into a dustbin, injuring everyone]. It's to EXERCISE demons! So very scared! I'll take him back now... Panini: He's an IT! Never... [a cow conveniently appears and moos]. [calls Truffles on the telephone and blows Cinnamini powder into it to shrink her and bring her to the Monster's house to play the board game]. 4.6 out of 5 stars 253. Chowder: [to Truffles] Are you going to make me grow a beard... so you can tear it off? Run! In the same episode, she offers a shiatsu massage to get Shnitzel back. 1 Chowder 2 Mung Daal 3 Shnitzel 4 Truffles 5 Kimchi 6 Ms. Endive 7 Panini 8 Gazpacho 9 Gorgonzola 10 Ceviché Chowder is the excitable, young apprentice of legendary chef Mung Daal. Radda radda radda radda! And you were mustard. Mung Daal: And why, may I ask, are you trying to do that? Mung Daal must stop Chowder from selling a … Mung Daal: So what do you want to do, Chowdy? Chowder, why is there ham under the pillow? I knew you had gum and didn't share! Chowder: What do you mean, I wouldn't understand? Gorgonzola's mean to me, Panini keeps kissing me, there's nothing to eat! Group huddle! Todd: [buff and hansome] Of course it's me, silly! - Panini 1. The kitchen's back here! Mung Daal: No, she'll still find you. Trivia. I need a label! Chowder: A chicken... looks like a chicken! Chowder: But this is television for smarter people, and I'm smarter! You happy now? Sergeant Hoagie: [interrogating Gazpacho] In your opinion, which would you think is better to bring on a blind date: chocolates or flowers? I caught you staring, Shnitzel! Are you okay? Quotes (To Mung Daal) "Oh now you all out of whack again GIMME IT"! We can use Knish Krinkle's lifeless skin sack as a costume and pretend we're him! Dwight Schultz is the voice of Mung Daal in Chowder, and Hiroshi Iwasaki is the Japanese voice. I mean little Arbor Junior? She also seems to care for Shnitzel when she aids in the "rescue" of Shnitzel in "Shnitzel Quits". Chowder: I know! Just go to sleep, I guarantee she'll be a lot happier tomorrow... Mung Daal: Chowder,when was the last time you went outside? Thank you Chowder." Truffles: Why are those dots following us? Women can smell fear. Mung Daal: Yes, Shnitzel, we all know it's hard being a rock monster, too, but this episode's not about YOU, is it? Or burned at the stake, I'm cool with whatever as long as it's in front of their children! Mung Daal: Why the rush, Endive? Mung Daal: I know, I know, I said I was going to throw it away, my bad... Truffles: You are wrong! A garage sale, huh? Chowder: But how're we gonna get the money? Are you in here? Mung Daal: Great. Chowder, why is there ham under the pil… Run, Chowder! Cartoon’s That Never Go Out Style 4. [Chowder becomes invisible]. That sounds delicious! [makes hand motions], Mung Daal: [cooking] Time to squeeze in some squash... Make space for some spice... Make room for the mushroom... [Chowder hears the thrice cream cart and runs away, coming back later], Mung Daal: But we already... [looks in the oven to find Truffles in it], Mung Daal: Not done! Much like his great grandfather Akbar, Murad was very fond of Rajasthani toor dal and ordered his cooks to create something as light yet delightful as his favourite dal. Shnitzel: [after Mung Daal reveals that he has a tail] Oh, my radda! Chowder: That was awesome! $12.98 $ 12. [Shnitzel runs to put on his hat and jacket, waves goodbye, and drives away]. [Mung Daal and Truffles walk into the bedroom]. Join Facebook to connect with Mung Daal-Sharp and others you may know. Baby Bird #1: You better eat Mama's food. *, Chowder: Oooh! [Chowder is about to throw Mung Daal, Truffles and Schnitzel into an abyss]. CN Explosion. I just wanted to pass a law that would legally making you my property! Chowder: I know! Mung Daal: There's a great big heavy one! . Truffles: [looking at the viewer] How convenient. Directed by Mike Milo, Eddy Houchins. Chowder loves food and dreams of becoming a great chef one day. Shnitzel: Ughhh! Chowder: Ahhhhh! Let's go home and roll around in our useless possesions! Blarga flarga! We truly appreciate your support. I have a message for you, from Chowder, who I am not. Team Ups Voice Compare Voice Directors Franchises News Top Listings Coming Soon VA Quotes Casting Call Forums. Chowder: [hysteric] LABEL! I'm Shnitzel! More tigers holding lightning bolts! Mung is typically kind and friendly, and has exhibited a good amount of patience for his apprentice and his outlandish antics. Mung Daal: We gotta get rid of this kid's thrice cream obsession! Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 24. [slams desk] WHY? "Sorry ladies I'm a-taken." Something that tells me what I am! Mung Daal: What we need is someone who never loses; a ringer! Mung Daal: [sotto voice, outraged] Don't spit on my floor! Thanks for your vote! [Chowder runs around naked, providing a distraction for Mung Daal]. Mung Daal: All right! [the gang gets into a huddle]. Mung Daal Funny Why Quotes Abraham Lincoln Quotes Albert Einstein Quotes Bill Gates Quotes Bob Marley Quotes Bruce Lee Quotes Buddha Quotes Confucius Quotes John F. Kennedy Quotes John Lennon Quotes Mahatma Gandhi Quotes Marilyn Monroe Quotes (Mung Daal and Truffles walk out of the kitchen and walk towards their room)Chowder: Hey! You're a meanie! Mung Daal: Eugh! Chowder: You'd think after four hundred fifty years her expectations would be really low. I was wrong, I was horribly wrong!”. We have no choice but to heal it... together. Chowder: [possessed by Florentine] Mung Daal, your mother was a polar bear! You can be in charge of BEING GROUNDED IN YOUR ROOM! It's perfect! [Endive and Panini lock Mung Daal and Chowder in a cell with a monster], Ms. Endive: Any second now they'll be begging to come out... [no sign of life], Ms. Endive: All right. You only like me because you think I'm beautiful! I want who's ever responsible for this found and tickled mercilessly in front of their children! A madwoman? Mung Daal: I'm quite proud of my girlish figure, thank you! Chowder: That's okay, I glued them in... [a beard appears]. Mung Daal: Well, women have these things in their bodies called expectations. Chowder: Great idea. Mung Daal is Chowder 's master.He has a big nose, (Which was caused by Big Nose Syndrome from the episode Grubble Gum )a moustache (and a beard which was ripped of by his wife Truffles when he was distracting her from her majhonng game which was mentioned in the episode Mahjonng Night )and glasses.He is a "ladies man" at least he … [normal voice] Who said that? Funny Spongebob Quotes Funny Quotes From Disney Movies Mung Daal Funny Quotes Funny Quotes From The Simpsons Summer Funny Cartoon Quotes Funny Quotes From Despicable Me Funny Quotes From The Office Schnitzel Funny Quotes Abraham Lincoln Quotes Albert Einstein Quotes Bill Gates Quotes Bob Marley Quotes.
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