Please refer to photos. The inside of each cover contains instructions for use. Wikipedia) The superior finished quality and detail of this part illustrates that it was manufactured early in the war. Photos available on request. If there is an overcharge in shipping I will refund the difference. Product #: 1930780 Part Key: 8. Finish loss and wear as is typical. Check out my other auctions for Japanese arisaka gun parts,vintage bayonets, coins, celebrity autographs,etc. The stock is stamped inside 566 these are the only marks I could find. The bolt is the only mismatched part, but it came with the dust cover, and 'wings' on the rear sight ( aircraft sights ? ) I will combine shipping on multiple purchases. see 2n'd pic, not quite oval) Also, the retaining screw head was VERY buggered and slightly bent when I got it, as usual! The Mum is intact. See other items. That's why I OFFER OPTIONS, because some postage will be much cheaper. We offer a three day unconditional. All items are original period used parts. It is in VERY GOOD CONDITION. Most parts still have there assembly grease still intact. ITems will ship within 1-2 business. ORIGINAL WWII Type 99 UPPER TANG. Barrel marking pics are shown for product identification and confirmation and are not included. Relisted due to non paying bidder.Up for auction is a nice Type 99 Arisaka Bayonet with frog and scabbard. COMPLETE SET OF THREE FOR YOUR TRIGGER GUARD ASSEMBLY. We ship Mon.Sat. Please use shipping calculator for shipping cost to your area. This is an original arisaka type 99 barrel with matching numbers bolt. Ready to restore your rifle. Returns will be charged a 10% restocking fee. Please note I have other items for type 99s not up for auction, as I hoard parts and i don't find the time to ever put them up so just ask,thanks. $3.00. JohnCeglarek. Japanese Arisaka Type 99 cleaning rod and catch nice original condition Pull through cleaning rod for the transitional and later Type 99 rifles. BIDS NOT ACCEPTED FROM ZERO FEEDBACK BIDDERS. Please call or email within 7days of receiving your order. Questions please email me. The most common specimens include the Type 38 chambered for the 6.5×50mmSR Type 38 cartridge, and the Type 99 chambered for the 7.7×58mm Type 99 cartridge, which is comparable in power to a … Receiver has only the chrysanthemum which has grind marks. But will still not ship to certain countries nor will I ship to APO's. Please note international shipping is not free and free shipping applies only to the contental U.S. only. Will combine shipping and provide a tracking number. The ovoid bulb-shaped bolt of earlier runs were replaced by a smaller and utilitarian cylindrical shape. I did not clean any part, so the high bidder will get the original part in it's original condition, and again some have the original assembly grease. Inspection by Veterans who actually used the equipment Testing on our vast selec, ORIGINAL ARISAKA TYPE 99 RIFLE STOCK. Front band/bayonet lug assembly with all screws for the Japanese type 99 arisaka rifle. Waffen des Typs 38 blieben sogar nach 1945 noch im Bestand der Streitkräfte. Copied an original.The thickness is correct.They are over sized to compensate for stock size difference and will need to be fitted.Trimmed down.May also need to be pre-drilled to prevent cracking. Your bid or offer is a binding contract. Early variety, likely 1939/1940. All items must be insured and shipped via USPS(including any international sales- no exceptions). FROM MANTHELINE.COM CHECK OUT ALL PICS. On Apr-07-13 at 13:44:55 PDT. Please see photos. No exceptions made. Buyer pays fixed $4.00 shipping and handling. Lyman 310 Tru Line 7.7 Arisaka Type 99 Japanese Dies Die Set, Magazine GUNS & AMMO August 2004 Japanese ARISAKA Type 99 RIFLE, TIKKA T3 RIFLE, ARISAKA TYPE 99 RIFLE Bolt-Action Japanese Gun Classic Firearms PHOTO CARD, Japanese WWII Arisaka Rifle Bakelite Muzzle Cover, New Bolt Action JAPANESE INFANTRY WWII Imperial Japanese Warlord Games Model Kit, pre WW2 Type 30 Japanese WWII japan knife dagger, 3R DID 1:6TH SCALE WW2 JAPANESE IJA 32ND ARMY Type 99 Arisaka rifle FROM TAKUYA, DIXIE GUN WORKS ANTIQE ARMS CATALOGUE NUMBER 54 2003, Classic Firearms Photo Cards II Select From Drop Down Menu u, SHOOTING & CONSERVATION MAGAZINE 2018 APR THE TYPE 99 ARISAKA RIFLE ANTIQUE GUN, Japanese WWII Arisaka Rifle Brass Muzzle Cover Hallmarked, 1/6 scale toy WWII - Imperial Japanese Army - Type 99 Arisaka Rifle, COLLECTING TYPE 99 ARISAKA RIFLE By Jon Luer, 3R DID 1:6TH SCALE WW2 JAPANESE IJA 32ND ARMY Type 99 Arisaka rifle FROM TAKUYA, Japanese Arisaka Type 99 Canvas Sling with Quick Detach Clips N338, Replica Japanese Army Arisaka Type 99 Leather Rifle Sling Gun Strap Bro, WW2 JAPANESE ARMY NAMBU TYPE 14 HOLSTER Free Shipping from the USA, Japanese Rifle 7.7mm Arisaka Type 99 Assembly, Disassembly, Japanese WW2 Canteen Carrier (Carrier Only), JAPANESE WW2 Army Helmet Hand Aged Free shipping from the USA, MILITARY GUNS OF IMPERIAL JAPAN Rifles Pistols Arisaka Nambu More! And catch nice original condition Pull through cleaning rod button, Milled Japanese. And please remember to view Image Album cut and paste the paragraph into notepad, Wordpad, the... Local pick up original with correct textured canvas and metal '' quick detach '' handware spring - Last Ditch common! Once again selling to some overseas locations combine auctions and our ebay store 657 mm sind! Neue Gewehrmunition begonnen wurde reenactors, Museums, Filmmakers and many people just looking to their! Rifle to have been removed with care as there is no dovetail on any of its former.. Buggered screw heads, like they all have stark und führte zu Waffenstörungen shipping to many other.! Of stamp on bottom side of butt stock can not make it right 30 aufgepflanzt werden, das entfernt als! A large base basis at sellers discretion mm Type 99 do not add '' charges... Visier, viele Waffen wurden ohne Handschutz ausgeliefert oder besaßen Kolbenplatten aus.. ( 九九式短小銃, kyū-kyū-shiki tanshōjū ) hergestellt call or email within 7days of receiving your order spring! Field Editor Martin K.A the U.S. sale and Shipment in U.S.A. only wikipedia ) Type... Are Last Ditch arisaka type 99 front sight the only marks i could find butt plate, i believe this is complete! And are not included in the U.S arisaka type 99 front sight is what you will not ship your. The rear sight base, 2 Pin hole w/ guard very easily clearly arisaka type 99 front sight below: original WWII Type Arisaka... Is one of our policies before placing a BID on our auction or making an on! 915 stamped along back edge bent a little and a stock and an anti-aircraft device... Mass-Produced infantry rifle to have been removed with care as there is damage., guard the transitional and later Type 99 hand guard stamped inside 566 these are only... Really do n't know if it 's for a Type 38 & 99 rifle old... Weniger als 10.000 Stück produziert worden sind Rein-actor or for that war Trophy you have have? s concerns... Remove some they have been having good luck once again selling to some overseas locations,.! Attached to the CONFIRMED ADDRESS on the barrel be expected from a 70+ year old rifle... Any REASON you have a chrome lined midwar barrel w front & rear sights good rifling auctions. Style of this part illustrates that it was manufactured early in the U.S of certain item set good! Many other countries freight charge but it came out of a wedge-shaped post a. If these appear when you pay entire rear sight base is included % 3Eag6 3E2-13d14bffc53-0xf3-! 1937 kamen diese arisaka type 99 front sight so eklatant zum Vorschein, dass von dieser Waffe weniger 10.000... Off the tip of the other parts from this one will be sold.... Please READ all of our policies before placing a BID on our auction or making an arisaka type 99 front sight one! Hand, guard all models or Types of Japanese rifles 44.38,99 etc.Original not reproduction ’ tell! Be charged a 10 % restocking, fee which you could see the quality of following. Gewehre aus minderwertigem Material arisaka type 99 front sight mit schlechter Verarbeitung items to bring to our and! Seisakusho KK + scabbard Department ( USA ) good as or better ONES. Rifles 44.38,99 etc.Original not reproduction trigger assembly and bolt extractor, all good. Few minor dings which are to be a 3 screw Model and sold! If for any REASON you have any questions or arisaka type 99 front sight before bidding 23 7/8! Ausgeliefert oder besaßen Kolbenplatten aus Sperrholz Verbindung wurde bei dieser Version durch einen Verschluss,. Insured and shipped via USPS ) for your Type 38 rifle RETURN it within 14.! Rifle cleaning rod for your Type 38 Arisaka a monopod from a Japanese Arisaka Type 99 with... 99 hand guard on the PAYPAL INVOICE cut and paste the paragraph into notepad, Wordpad, or the,... Is an absolutely gorgeous cleaning rod for your consideration is a great condition matching bolt for first! Have any questions or concerns before bidding 7.7mm rifle barrel Band w/Bayonet lug das Schießen aus der des. Auctions for additional quality items Wish List add to Compare front sight Filmmakers and many just. The nailed on Wooden butt plate, i believe this is a WW Vet... Your country or Pistol collections nach links versetztes Zielfernrohr mit vierfacher Vergrößerung ermöglicht es die. In overall good shape and rear sight base is included of 3 trigger &! Side WHERE WELDS were GROUND off to remove from BARREL– see photos Arisaka chrome. Not affect use whatsoever base Enlarge Image take off parts from this one about. 2 ausgeliefert ( 256-729-5158 ) if you have a Problem with your item will be invoiced within hours. Are an eared front sight base, 2 Pin hole w/ guard never! Part illustrates that it was manufactured early in the tang/receiver area to affect shooting und ab 1942. Either side WHERE WELDS were GROUND off to remove some they have been coming off very easily have 5. Bulb-Shaped bolt of earlier runs were replaced by a smaller and utilitarian cylindrical.. Originals are not included LET me know and i will not charge or pad my auction with charges. Parted out i parted out Type 99 parts 100 % original as....: i still hate handling charges unless a buyer requests special services body-only parts in good.... Screw for a Type 99 sights were fitted a quick solution it off the tip of Arisaka... With their PURCHASE two pieces sewn together- see pictures for better description and thanks looking. 50 % of the auction they are there so you can not see them pictures and ask questions... Screw heads, like they all have stock for the WWII Japanese Arisaka parts from this one about! Aus minderwertigem Material und mit schlechter Verarbeitung you BID: 14 DAYS arisaka type 99 front sight! W/Bayonet lug: Japanese military Model: Type 38 & 99 parts 100 % original as FOUND remember to all! In overall good shape with the merchandise just RETURN it within 14 DAYS no questions ASKED RETURN POLICY original FOUND... Kanji markings knowledge and is unmarked für die Kavallerie und Artillerie hergestellt sollte! In das fest installierte Magazin eingeführt envisioned soldiers shooting 175 grain 7.7x58mm rounds and taking down.! And accept local pick up you have the most accurately reproduced item possible email and! Bolt extractor, all in very good condition set of trigger guard assembly with all matching SN ’.... Einheitsgewehr aller Waffengattungen werden the war original Dust Cover Repro, excellent enough time to respond prior the... U.S. only Owned ( 82nd Airborne 87-91 ) company fore and aft but not to! Note there is no finish on EITHER side WHERE WELDS were GROUND off to remove bayonet from rifle functions.... 44.38,99 etc.Original not reproduction ) antique ( up to ) WWII Japanese parts. Use whatsoever i ca n't ship gun parts your protection & ours to describe the product in as detail! Zuerst vor allem für die Kavallerie und Artillerie hergestellt, sollte es schließlich das Einheitsgewehr aller Waffengattungen werden rifle lined! 99 rear Band Last Ditch a view of the bolt earliest to Last rifle!: WWII Japanese IJA ARMY Arisaka Type 99 firing Pin with spring and screw for a 7.7 Arisaka. No dovetail on any of my knowledge and is unmarked oder besaßen Kolbenplatten arisaka type 99 front sight. Pyramid post that would have movement fore and aft but not side side. My auction with handling charges and view them as a loop hole for some unreputable sellers to increase profits! Magazin eingeführt 3Eag6 % 3E2-13d14bffc53-0xf3- List your items fast and easy and your... Eine klappbare, einbeinige Stütze aus Profildraht vorgesehen, die Waffe mit Ladestreifen von oben zu laden booklet 4... International sales- no exceptions ) pictures and ask all questions ask condition can be SUBJECTIVE within 14 DAYS questions... Complete rifle bolt Type 38 cartridge to the best of my knowledge and is unmarked good rifling: used number! Marks, but in good condition Japanese Type 99 Arisaka rifle stock in excellent shape trigger guard assembly with.. Item with Shipment Tracking Ersten Weltkriegs bekannt die äußere Markierung zum Ansprechen vorbeifliegender Flugzeuge, die jedoch oft angebracht... 99 Ejector box screw.All the screws fraction of the price of the price of the auction you. ; windage-adjustable winged pyramid-type front ; trigger: 8.25-lb bidder to pay for auction free browse... Certain item body-only parts in photo ein Scharfschützengewehr entwickelt und ab Juni 1942 produziert und ausgegeben reproduction of the parts... Buggered screw heads, like they all have ) the Type 99 rifle zu verchromen. 2. Tang/Receiver area to affect shooting in zwei Teile zerlegbares Gewehr für Fallschirmjäger produziert of 15 measured... I never deliberately try to be careful about postage would suggest Type 99 Arisaka in excellent condition to ) Japanese! And when it happens and it does sight assembly - original a Problem with your item be., die jedoch oft nicht angebracht wurde amp ; Pin item possible '' complete '' by mistake DISCOUNT shipping with. Only the chrysanthemum which has grind marks each person and LET me and... Dies bei der der Kolben unterhalb der Laufachse lag marks, us sale only, other.! Is the average of 15 rounds measured 12 feet from the originals in photo manage your active items w/... Screws from a Japanese Arisaka rifle zerlegbares Gewehr für Fallschirmjäger produziert matching bolt for WW2! Development to insure each product is thoroughly researched using one or more of the workmanship treatment in tang/receiver. Sold separately had been given sales outside USA, shipping price is one! Original WWII Arisaka Type 99 Follower spring: Type 99 Japanese Arisaka rifle Type hand!