A couple very good Trap rod is Shakespear Synergy 6'6" M action rated for 8-15lb line.I also use the Shakespear Classic rod same length and action,it is a little harder to find.Have brought in alot of nice fish on these rods with Traps,and lose very few fish.And the rods won't set … Place the trap somewhere with plenty of rodent activity. Set single traps in more than one location to increase the chances of a rat encounter. Part 2 of 3: Placing Your Victor Rat Trap Effectively 1. A good example is suspended fish at 15 feet on a graph. Advertisement. This will help you count the lure down to a certain depth. Keep in mind a Rat-L-Trap will fall at the rate of 1 1/2 ft per second. Just connect RATtrap between your modem and the WiFi router. The Red eye shad is a half ounce bait and features free floating rattles to give you unmatched action and sound. If you have an easy set rat trap, set the kill bar as far back as possible to trigger the sensitive setting. RATtrap is very simple to setup. This rat trap model from Kat Sense offers increased capturing power with no false triggers. 4. Itâ•ÂË™s such a versatile bait that can be … Don't place traps … Buy now from Amazon. You could count to 10 and the Trap will most likely be right in the zone for a strike. Once the trap is set, carefully place the trap adjacent to a wall where you have found rat activity. Set up a bucket or bin right below the tissue paper roll and wait for the rat trap to do its magic. Gold colors penetrate dirty water much better than silver or chrome, which of course increases the likelihood of a … Snap traps, in particular, may need to be reset as often as once a day, since some rodents can easily set off the trap without being caught. When the rodent comes, it will be attracted to the food on the edge of the roll. It features a removable bait cup to hold your rodent bait, providing even better results. Keep your finger and thumbs away from the inside area of the kill bar to avoid triggering the strike zone. >> Related: Tomcat Rat … Not checking the traps often enough. It's best to bait and set traps while wearing gloves or using tools or utensils instead of your hands. Lure pictured:Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap in Gold. Comments: Rat-L-Trap set the original standard for what today is referred to as â•ÂË›liplessâ•Âˇ crank baits. Strike King is offering this bait in their pro team paint scheme along with 3D red eyes and premium VMC vanadium cone cut treble hooks. One of the biggest inconveniences of snap or glue traps is that they need to be checked fairly frequently. All your devices will then be instantly and continuously protected from hackers. If the rats are confined to your backyard, set up the Victor ® Easy Set ® Rat Trap along your outer walls and fences. Do place multiple traps. Place it along a wall, near a corner, behind some boxes or debris, or anywhere else that's secluded where the rats feel comfortable and travel frequently. But once it gets to this point, it will tip over and fall inside the bucket since the tissue paper roll is not balanced. If you find yourself fishing stained water in sunny conditions, it’s hard to beat some sort of gold-colored lipless crankbait. The Red Eye Shad by Strike King was designed by their national pro staff, and is a complete fish catching package at a price that is hard to beat. Kat Sense Large Rat Traps – Set of 6. Plug in the power cord and RATtrap will start up automatically. If the problem is indoors and you don’t like the sight of rat corpses, use the Victor ® Electronic Rat Trap or Rat Zapper ® Ultra Rat Trap, which work cleanly and discretely. Rats do not like to run across open spaces so don't set the trap in the middle of a room. Human scent on traps can repel rats. As a professional guide, if I could only have three lures in my tackle box, a Rat-L-Trap would be one of them. If you already have an external WiFi router, you’re all set.